About Nordicus

Nordicus advise and invest to progress the next generation of Nordic & U.S. champions

Nordicus Partners Corporation is a U.S. publicly traded holding company

Founded in 1993 under its original company name; Cardiotech International, Inc., Nordicus Partners Corp. epitomizes a dynamic collaboration of Nordic and U.S. expertise. Our vision is clear: to facilitate the dreams of ambitious Nordic and U.S. high-growth companies by establishing a robust presence in the U.S. market.

We advise and invest in companies with high growth potential. Our dedicated team, a blend of American and Nordic professionals, leverages this diversity in approach and perspective to drive success for both our company and the businesses we support.

Nordicus Partners Corp. is headquartered in the U.S. and publicly listed on the OTCQB Market under the ticker symbol “NORD”. The company’s management company is the Denmark-based company, Managementselskabet af 12.08.2020 A/S. With the management company being a wholly owned subsidiary, this strategic structure ensures that none of the investments made by our shareholders are allocated to cover management fees, thus maximizing the value of their investments.

The NORDICUS Profile

We are eyeing high-growth Life Sciences companies aiming to make a significant impact, but is seeking a companion that can provide optimal conditions for innovators to flourish and getting established on the U.S. market.

Life Sciences